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Fpv & Gimbal

Drone Pilots since 2010

Operators authorised by AESA. We have a unit of drones and pilots prepared to film from sea level up to 5,000m of altitude. With the ability to offer aerial filming of up to 5.2k RAW/PRORES 444XQ / PRORES 422. Specialists in mountain filming, we have the means available to take drones to the most remote places, in motorised vehicles or on foot.

On the other hand, we operate FPV drones. Less known in the world of filming but capable of offering shots that are impossible to do with other types of drone. These drones allow us to fly outside of the normal inclination limits, reaching speeds of up to 150kph in less than 2 seconds.

Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media

As mountain specialists, we have what it takes to transport and operate these drones in the most extreme conditions, having, among others, flown over 7,000m from Everest base camp itself. The snow, the wind, the altitude... are "old" known...

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