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Filming in Zaragoza

The city of the north

20 Febrero 2020

More and more production companies are moving their filming to this location. Zaragoza is the fifth most populated city in Spain. It is characterized by its modernist locations with areas such as the Expo and for its proximity to the mountains of the Pyrenees and arid, deserted areas such as the Bardenas Reales de Navarra or the area of Monegros. 


Zaragoza is a city with a remarkable audiovisual industry, where we can find all kinds of professionals in the sector. Lighting houses like Zetac or camera equipment. On the other hand we have a network of local teams that can help any production team in their filming in the City.


Talking about the topic of permits for filming. On the one hand we have everything that corresponds to the City Council of Zaragoza. Usually it is processed in their electronic headquarters with the corresponding payment of fees. At least 20 days before the shooting. 


This city has old streets, parks, auditoriums, futuristic road areas, markets, restaurants, hotels and terraces that can be perfect for large shoots.



Calle Coso

02. Auditorio de Zaragoza

03. Exterior Palacio de congresos

04. Museo Pablo Serrano

05. Mercado Central

Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media
Pyrene Media
“The city of the north”

The gastronomic and hotel offer is at the level of any comparable city. There is a wide variety of restaurants and accommodation to suit all tastes. Besides, Zaragoza is a city very well connected with AVE (high speed train) and airport.

For any questions or management for your productions here we are to help you.


Discover Zaragoza

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